The hottest day club to visit Skypool!

Here in Cabo San Lucas, pools are an art form. With Cabo´s sunshine and hot year-round climate, swimming pools are attractive destinations no matter when you visit.
You Don´t need to be a hotel guest if you want to take a dip at Skypool. Outside Guest are welcome who just want to enjoy the atmosphere. In order to have access just purchase a day pass.
At the rooftop pool at Wyndham Cabo San Lucas is a destination in itself, featuring modern terrace setting, private cabanas, and breathtaking panoramic views of the marina. Snap a picture of a paradise, and then enjoy breakfast buffet or executive menu specially our creative cocktails from the bar. Skypool offers Comfortable seating, intimate fire pits, a stunning dj playing, lounge, trance, and electronic a total complete experience.


Skypool offers stunning views of the Marina Cabo San Lucas.On Monday through Friday, promises a laid-back scene, complete with your own lounge chair or private luxury cabana. Saturday and Sunday, the hotel pumps up the energy with a lively pool party. During summer weekends and spring break, the high-energy, adult environment. Don´t forget to You take advantage of the happy hour 2×1 every day at 11am to 1pm on house drinks like vodka, tequila, Rum and Beer. You can enjoy a nice cocktail with your friends. We have our friendly bartenders like Carolina always happy to serve you Efrain or Jaime and let’s not forget our great manager David who is always making sure our clients are happy and well served. David is great manager he always goes the extra mile making sure our guest satisfied with a memorable experience. Also don´t forget to try out our awesome Jacuzzi a great way to relax and let the stress and worries fade away. The best time to hangout is during sunset you to see the most stunning views of the marina beautiful colors to admire and of course more happy hour 2×1 from 5pm to 6pm. Admire the rest of the evening and relax and enjoy the rest of your vacations remember Skypool is open from 10am to 7pm it is one the best spot to hang out during your visit at Wyndham Cabo San Lucas.


Written by:Nadya Lopez

Massage recommendations of Aura Spa

There are many healthy benefits a spa offers. The benefits of massage are great blood circulation, preventing tension and muscle aches, combating stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and improving concentration. As soon as you visit our spa you will feel like royalty as our welcoming staff pampers you. From our smiling receptionist Paulina Flores who is ready to help you pick out your treatment and explain to you the benefits of the massage you will be delighted to experience.

In order for you to enjoy the most unforgettable massage at Wyndham Cabo San Lucas you will have to choose one the following techniques and pressures:

  • Relaxed or Swedish massage this massage uses soft pressure and a variety of long-flowing strokes.
  • Medium pressure a relaxed and deep pressure massages. It has a combination of long-flowing strokes, pressure points and gentle pressure in the different zones of your body.
  • Deep tissue is a massage technique that uses firm pressure to go deep into the muscle tissue releasing deep long-standing muscle tensions. We do not recommend this for a first time visitor.
  • A Sports massage is a combination pressure massage and stretches. Reflexology this massage is usually performed on feet. This massage restores the flow of energy through-out the entire body.
  • If you are looking for something fun and new try our hot stone massage this massage uses smooth, dark, heated stones to relieve stiffness and restore energy. You will enter a deeper dimension of relaxation, health and well being. This massage is combined with aromatherapy oil.

As you choose your type of massage you will be asked a few medical questions. Then you will be presented to your massage therapist Connie Rivera who is professional therapist with 20 years of experience. She sure has a great touch! I strongly recommend her she has the greatest hands. Your massage therapy is usually from 50 minutes to 80 minutes in duration. Once you finish you will feel like a new person with so much energy.

We invite you to try it out. Stop by and feel for yourself. We invite you to visit our website and facebook for more information.
Written by: Nadya Lopez